Endodontics Mentorship Program

Endodontics Mentorship Program

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Practical Skills to Improve your Endodontics

Dr Jeff Ward BDS, MDSc, GradDipClinDent, MRACDS(Endo), FPFA


Modern endodontic treatment has many technological advances that all help in achieving excellent success rates. Jeff’s Endodontic Mentorship Program will demonstrate the importance of CBCT imaging, enhanced magnification and illumination, root canal irrigation and will discuss new metallurgy and techniques in rotary instrumentation for achieving predictable endodontic success.


Diagnosis and treatment planning using the appropriate principles, tests and modern technology Understanding conservative access design using magnification and imaging Locating difficult anatomy e.g. MB2 canals, bifurcating canals Understand the evolution of rotary NiTi instruments and endodontic motor design to understand which instruments best suit which cases Appreciate the importance of irrigation and how to maximise its effect
Use modern techniques to achieve predictable obturation.

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