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A New Era in Dental Aesthetics – 3D-Printed Whitening Trays and Micro-Invasive Solutions

Presented by Dr n. med. Anna Babczyńska-Staszewska

Live Webinar!

Date: 10 April 2024
Time: 5.00am – 6.30am AEST
CPD: 1.5 CPD credit

Free Webinar


This Interdentale online session explores the innovative digital design of bleaching trays using a cloud-based workflow and the 3D printing process. It will highlight how these advanced technologies streamline the production process, enhance precision and offer significant cost and environmental benefits.

The webinar will also examine the integration of advanced bleaching techniques with micro-invasive treatments, emphasizing their role in effectively addressing white spot issues and improving dental aesthetics.

Participants will gain insights into the practical application of these technologies, underscoring their potential to revolutionize both the aesthetic appeal and minimally invasive nature of modern dental treatments.