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An update on mouthrinses: applications for patients and in the clinical setting

Presented by Dr. Premie Pillay and Jasmine Bell

On Demand Webinar


CPD: 1 point


Come and join us for a one hour webinar to explore the clinical applications of mouthrinses for your patients. This session will allow you to reinforce your understanding of what mouthrinse to use and recommend for your patients depending on their oral health needs. You will learn first hand about the mouthrinses Colgate has to offer as part of this session. Finally, we will hear from a member of the Colgate Knowledge Management team to discuss the results and outcomes of recent research exploring preprocedural rinsing.


“Just being given information that I wasn’t aware of by a couple of experts on the topic which is pretty normal.”

“Informative range and use of Colgate’s range of products”