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Dr Lan Tran – DEH

Bioceramics – A Clinician’s Perspective

Presented by Dr Lan Tran, Principal Dentist

CPD: 1 CPD Hour


With patient’s life expectancy increasing as well as their quality of life, so the demands of their dentition have also increased. Today, the treatment of pulpal tissue has undergone the same minimal intervention shift that has long been part of general restorative protocols to prolong the function of the patient’s dentition. The availability of materials that allow for us to repair/regenerate dental pulpal tissues has been integral in that mind shift, hence the exploration of Bioceramics in restorative dentistry has come to the forefront.  This webinar will explore bioceramics in general practice and its various applications.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the unique chemistry of bioceramics and their interactions with dental tissue
  • Identify the properties of bioceramics which make them advantageous for use in general practice
  • Distinguish between the different bioceramics available and how to apply them to general practice