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Skulpting Skool 101: Direct Posterior Masterclass

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Course Description

Presented by Dr. Clarence Tam

Hands On Workshop

Date: Thursday 1 August 2024
8:00AM – 5PM AEST 
Melbourne Oral Health Training and Education Centre, 723 Swanston Street, Carlton
CPD: 6 CPD credits
Fees: $1,270 Recent graduates
$1,450 ADA member
$1,813 Non member


The replacement of posterior Class II amalgams has become the bread and butter of the modern dental practice. With the advent of modern bonding adhesives as well as bulk fill materials, do we have clear guidelines on what to use, how to use it and when? Is there a compromise to speed? In this day and age, patients are increasingly demanding about the aesthetics not only with with anterior direct restorations, but also posterior. Learn how to lift your game in posterior direct composite esthetics and build your practice with techniques that are not only efficient, but will extend the success and prognosis of your direct restorations. Love your everyday dentistry like I do.

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