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Logical evolution of zirconia bio-design with KATANA Zirconia YML and zero cut-back solution

Presented by Daniele Rondoni

On Demand Webinar!

CPD: 1 CPD Hour


Katana Zirconia YML color variety and high translucence levels allow for a wide variety of highly aesthetic and/or highly complex extended solutions while achieving ideal optical and mechanical standards.

We can presently identify a modern technical approach to be combined with the latest marketing options which promote such hybrid solutions as «zero cut-back» ones, always using new generation Multilayered Katana Zirconia YML.

In order to achieve an optimal aesthetic result it is equally paramount to opt for the best logical criteria when selecting the basic zirconia to use, with the latest FC paste Stain nano-porcelain compounds.



  • Innovative katana Zirconia: YML
  • Optimal Zirconia sintering process
  • New bio-design Zirconia structure
  • Microlayering with FC paste for zerocutback solutions