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Harnessing the power of 3Shape TRIOS 5: Unlocking Superior Connectivity between Practice and Lab

With Dr. Joe Alphonse

On Demand Webinar!

CPD: 1 CPD Point


Session Overview:

Join us on this webinar with Dr. Joe Alphonse as he takes us through his experience using 3Shape TRIOS 5 for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Learn how you can unlock the potential of your practice with the latest scanner from 3Shape to improve productivity between practice and lab resulting in higher efficiencies and better patient outcomes.

Key Highlights:

Overview of 3Shape TRIOS 5: Explore the advanced features and capabilities of the TRIOS 5 scanning technology that contribute to improved results in dental lab work

Enhanced Accuracy in Scanning: Discover how TRIOS 5 ensures precise scanning by capturing intricate details and obtaining highly accurate digital impressions even in the edentulous patient

• Learn about the streamlined and efficient workflow enabled by TRIOS 5, reducing interpretation challenges and enhancing productivity for dental labs

• Discover the connectivity advantages of TRIOS 5 including TRIOS Share.